Cirrus SR22T

This aircraft will open up new possibilities for you! It provides the freedom to travel to any destination, including grass runways. With its spacious cabin, CAPS rescue system, and modern avionics with satellite connectivity, it offers numerous advantages. Discover why it has earned the reputation as the best-selling piston aircraft in general aviation and embark on a pleasant journey with it.

Best-selling small general aviation aircraft
CAPS parachute rescue system
Spacious cabin
Large baggage compartment
0 km
0 kt
0 FL
max altitude
Aircraft Interior

The Cirrus SR22T is known for its highly comfortable and well-designed cabin

The cabin seamlessly combines luxury, style, technology, and comfort with ergonomics inspired by sports cars, featuring sporty seats and amenities that suit your lifestyle.

Spacious Cabin

Wide seats, ample legroom, and carefully chosen materials provide a more comfortable travel experience than a typical car.

Large Baggage Compartment

The aircraft is designed with a generous baggage compartment. It can accommodate two large suitcases and two carry-on bags. The wide doors make loading easy.


Cirrus SR22T

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