Eurocopter EC120

The EC120 helicopter provides a unique flight experience, combining comfort, safety, and efficiency in one aircraft. Its spacious passenger cabin offers comfortable seating for travelers, and panoramic windows allow for breathtaking aerial views of scenic landscapes. Ergonomic and well-contoured seats provide comfort even during long flights. Additionally, the EC120 helicopter offers practical storage compartments and grips for keeping small items within reach during the journey.

High level of safety
Large baggage compartment
Advanced technology
Innovative solutions
0 km
0 kt
cruise speed
0 kt
maximum speed
Helicopter Interior

Comfort and safety for passengers

The passenger cabin in the EC120 helicopter is designed with passenger comfort and safety in mind. It offers a spacious interior that allows for easy movement and comfortable seating. The cabin features comfortable seats that provide good back support and comfort during the journey.

Spacious Cabin

The space is designed to allow passengers to assume comfortable seating positions and move freely. Additionally, the cabin is equipped with well-positioned windows that provide excellent visibility during the flight, allowing passengers to admire the beauty of the landscape and enjoy panoramic views. It is also equipped with ventilation and lighting systems that create a pleasant travel environment.

Baggage Compartment

Equipped with a spacious baggage compartment, allowing for secure storage of essential items and luggage during the flight. Usually located at the rear of the passenger cabin, it provides sufficient space for storing various items such as travel bags, sports equipment, personal belongings, and other necessary items.


Eurocopter EC120

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