Robinson R44

The Robinson R44 is a unique helicopter that offers comfort, reliability, and versatility for our clients. It is a four-seat helicopter that is well-suited for a variety of applications, from scenic tours to business travel. With its sturdy construction and lightweight design, the R44 provides stable and safe flights. It features a spacious cabin that provides comfortable seating for you and your passengers. Ergonomic seats, good visibility, and ventilation system make the travel experience enjoyable.

Impressive performance
Solid and reliable construction
Best-selling helicopter on the market
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Helicopter Interior

Spacious and ergonomic interior

The cabin of the Robinson R44 helicopter is designed to provide comfort and convenience for both the pilot and passengers.

Spacious Cabin

Designed for functionality, the R44 cabin offers excellent visibility with panoramic windows and ergonomically arranged instruments. It is also well-equipped with control systems and avionics, ensuring a safe and efficient journey.

Baggage Compartment

The R44 does not have a traditional internal baggage compartment. Depending on the cabin configuration, it may have a small storage space behind the rear seats or beneath the passenger seats, where small items or light luggage can be placed.


Robinson R44

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