Socata TBM 910

Impressive performance and reliability. Powered by a reliable PT6A engine, the TBM achieves an impressive speed of up to 330 knots (611 km/h). The aircraft cabin can accommodate up to six passengers and provides a comfortable and elegant interior with ergonomic seating and luxurious finishes. The combination of performance and luxury makes the Socata TBM an excellent choice for discerning owners.

High cruise speed
Long range
Spacious cabin
Grass runway capability
0 km
0 kt
0 FL
max altitude
Aircraft Interior

Unmatched Performance
The fastest turboprop aircraft

Passengers will appreciate not only the best performance in its class but also the cabin that offers a spacious interior with elegant finishes. The aircraft ensures comfort and travel convenience.

Spacious Cabin

The use of high-quality materials and ergonomically designed seats provide passengers with luxury and comfort during the flight. The club seating arrangement increases space and includes a fold-out table.

Thoughtful Baggage Compartment

The aircraft offers a large baggage compartment located behind the seats, allowing for the loading of multiple large suitcases and sports equipment.


Socata TBM 910

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