Piper M350

The 6-seater Piper M350 is a highly popular piston aircraft that is well-regarded worldwide. It combines the comfort of a pressurized cabin with the economy and efficiency of a piston engine, offering good performance and excellent flexibility in flight planning. The passenger cabin, arranged in a club configuration, provides ample comfort, and high-quality materials are used throughout. It is undoubtedly the best choice among piston aircraft.

Fuel efficiency
Good range
Spacious cabin
Grass runway capability
0 km
0 kt
0 FL
max altitude
Aircraft Interior

The perfect combination of luxury and economy

The Piper M350 is one of the most popular piston aircraft in the world. It features a pressurized cabin, high-class avionics, and a luxurious, personalized interior that sets a new standard for small aircraft.

Comfortable Cabin

The interior is elegant and modern, offering seats made from high-quality materials that ensure comfort even during long flights. The club seating arrangement increases space and includes a fold-out table.

Cargo Space

The baggage compartment behind the seats is spacious and provides sufficient storage capacity for luggage. It can easily accommodate two large suitcases and several small bags. The aircraft also has a small forward baggage compartment.


Piper M350

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